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Why Join QBAA?

To support your industry’s right to flourish, and be able to continue to freely do the amazing work that you do!

Who needs another association to join?   You do. 

We all know firsthand how valuable a tool the Indigo is in holistic healthcare, and how challenging it remains to create global acceptance of this paradigm-shifting technology. The time is now for the quantum community to join together to stabilize and strengthen the foundation upon which this work is based.

How do we accomplish this?  Through a three-fold targeted approach:

1. Research & Development:

Create a pool of funds to further legitimize the field of Quantum Biofeedback and administer grant funded research projects, which clarify and define the efficacy of Quantum Biofeedback. In the worlds of healthcare and academia Publishing is Power. QBAA will work together with the Medical Biofeedback Association to enable researchers to publish their results.

2. Outreach:

We will conduct outreach in association with BANA, NTCB and other similarly minded organizations, to increase global awareness of Quantum Biofeedback as a safe, effective and valuable tool in holistic healthcare.

3. Advocacy:

Support health care reform on the broader political fronts to increase public acceptance of stress management through Quantum Biofeedback as an appropriate, effective and accessible primary preventative healing modality.



Using membership fees, the Quantum Biofeedback Advocacy Association will put out an annual request for proposals for research projects. QBAA will provide research design and administrative support to practitioner members to help them define, conduct and publish their studies. Members can apply to run their own research projects based on successful protocols that they’ve developed, or they can apply to work as a practitioner in other studies. The Journal of Medical Biofeedback has agreed to work in conjunction with us to provide writing assistance and prepare the results for publishing in The Journal of Medical Biofeedback and other professional publications.


Membership fees to the Quantum Biofeedback Advocacy Association will support the maintenance of our website that links legitimate research conducted by non-partisan, unbiased scientists in an acceptable scientific method, further validating Quantum Biofeedback’s value as a stress management modality; as well as a quarterly newsletter. Your clients and prospects will find this research on the web, fostering increasing support, development, sales and education for our industry and information on the emerging fields of bioresonance, quantum and energy medicine.

It may be the most important thing you do for your career!

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