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What is QBAA?

QBAA is an Association of Professional Quantum Biofeedback Practitioners Working to Strengthen the Future of Our Industry.

The Quantum Biofeedback Advocacy Association is an independent trade organization that is currently conducting IRB approved clinical trials on the effects of EPR Biofeedback on Stress, Pain and Anxiety in the United States. The Quantum Biofeedback Advocacy Association was co-founded by Lori Strolin and Jacqui Neulinger.

QBAA exists to further the goal of integrating holistic healthcare modalities, including EPR Biofeedback into the broader global community through evidence based clinical research and community outreach, and to advocate on behalf of Health Care reform to increase public awareness and acceptance of alternative holistic healthcare modalities.

To further this goal, QBAA serves the unified “voice” of EPR Biofeedback practitioners and consultants globally, while working together with existing associations such as Voice For HOPE, BANHS, BANA, NTCB and MBPA, as well as all brokerages whose membership embodies a broader holistic practitioner community.


In part one of QBAA's recent double blind, randomized trials on the indigo's efficacy with stress, pain and anxiety the ACTIVE INTERVENTION GROUP showed great improvements in subject's anxiety levels in just four consecutive once a week sessions.  The STRAIT anxiety scores  decreased by 34%; while placebo showed no change.  The TRAIT anxiety measures also decreased significantly, with 11.9% reduction in anxiety.  Pain measures showed as much as  23.53% reduction in pain.  Internal measures of amperage, which is now being studied for its correlations to improved mood, brain function, and increased serotonin levels, also increased by as much as 22%.

While these studies are ongoing and these results are preliminary patterns, inferences that the INDIGO is indeed an effective intervention in addressing anxiety, stress and pain- and would therefore be indicated for use with PTSD with hopeful outcomes.  QBAA plans to begin round 3 of these trials in October in San Diego, and is looking to study a sub-group of veterans with PTSD.

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